The Joy of Painting

Pears and a Bottle
The Joy of Painting.

I have always felt that painting bring so much joy to my life – its not the only thing but up there with the best, I had a friend over yesterday and it was lovely to just chat about art and life and how when troubles, worries & disappointment creeps into what is going on around us then it affects how we feel about all sorts of things including our painting habits. I know when I get angry that I feel like just sitting down and eating chocolate (most women will relate to that one) but once the crabbiness goes then it’s a different matter, I then “feel “ like painting again!! Yes a simple thing like emotions can have such an effect on what our paintings look like, feel and read to the viewer!!
But back to what I learned yesterday, after lunch we decided to watch a dvd on painting and the artist is a delight to watch – now I have seen this dvd several times and always got something new out of it each time – but one thing really struck me yesterday was when he said: “ there is nothing better than being able to go and paint - then quizzically asked “what do people do who don’t paint – watch tv or football – I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t paint.” And I thought yes exactly!! -I think that is one of the real signs that painting is in our dna – I loved bringing up my family and put my art sort of on the back burner – I still painted, not with the commitment that I have now but I know I always knew there would be a time when it would be my main focus – I think a true artist constantly strives to paint as much as they can and looks at everything around them a subject waiting in the wings. Of course we have days when we cannot paint and have the equivalent of “writers block” but I personally have found that the more I paint the less this happens – I guess it is like when you feed and nurture something then it grows!!
So go out and paint something – the garden can wait, the tv will still be there oh and give the gym a miss I would rather work up a sweat laying down delicious gobs of rich colourful paint- that is my workout lol.