Letting a Painting Happen!

Portion of painting in Progress
Risky isn't it letting something as unpredictable as a watercolour dictate where it goes!! Having said that I don't mean just throw paint on without any thought to the composition but for this painting all I did was to generate a small thumbnail sketch of a collection of items ie the lilliums, (which have starred in many a painting of mine) jugs and the slowly disintegrating pears that I set up for a series of pastels!! As the work progresses I am adding into the painting another jug or pear or what ever it might need - i.e. a bit of zingy colour or textural element.

With a couple of exhibitions just around the corner now is the time to work out my paintings and see if I can come up with something worth entering - often this is when a bit of risk taking sometimes pays off as having entered a fair few exhibitions I have come to the realisation that you cannot just put "anything" into them - you really must put your best out there - something that jumps off the wall and goes beyond the ordinary (not easy to do). With the economic climate as it is sales for us poor artists are few and far between but I don't think it's a reason to stop painting and exhibiting - we need to keep our work out in the public arena cos if it's on or leaning against the wall at home who's going to see what you do? - maybe friends or the dog as she wanders past!! So back to the studio to continue dipping the brush in paint and watching where the washes and little runs are dictating what I do next and amazingly they are unfolding into a painting. Bliss!!