Exhibition Rush

Starting the flow....
Having just finished two paintings for an upcoming exhibition it made me think how fortunate we are that there are Art Societies,groups, businesses & Galleries etc who are willing in these hard economic times to make available prizes to be awarded and a place to display our paintings - what a boost to the morale of artists who are "doing it tough" - I think of the many paintings lining my walls (and of family members) and I am so grateful for these events that give us an opportunity to show prospective purchasers our work. Not to say that we will necessarily sell but the broader our exposure the better chance we have. For myself even though times are tough I just don't see the point in not painting - I have sadly heard fellow artist say things like - "i'm not selling so not much point painting" of course framing cost etc can make budgeting for our art a bit more difficult but there are always ways to get around any problem with some creative thinking. But the best thing is to just go into your studio, painting place or class and lose yourself in that which makes you happy and for me working out how my painting is unfolding on the canvas, paper or whatever I am working on is what it is all about - the practical stuff can wait - I am an artist !! Yes!!