Art & Life

Tree Poppies - simple beauty!
What an interesting week I have had and whilst sitting here chatting with my daughter and looking back over this past week I have decided that no matter how we plan what we might do each day it can change within a couple of hours. It is like that with a painting, we can start off with a great idea firmly decided and off we go – for me I like to block in the darks especially with the current series that I am working on and push a “turpsy” wash over areas of colour and light and see this wonderful happening on the canvas or in the case of a watercolour on the paper and it can go in an entirely different direction - the starting idea is not necessarily what we finish up with! Life is so like that we have the darks and the lights and all the colours in between but what a canvas to play on but with the confusion of our hectic and often over the top world our lives can turn into the living equivalent of an abstract painting. For me I can see the link - how in an abstract world like ours with its rushing here and there, pressure and competitiveness -stillness and serene moments are few and far between and in a life where violence, excess and a thirst for being number one are values that are held to be the “be all and end all” we can often lose sight of that precious gift that painting gives to us as artists – a time where we can let go of the world out there and just be creative - for me painting is not about the awards, being well known or even selling (although that is mighty helpful and of course always welcome) but about bringing a bit of beauty to those who like and view my paintings – if I do that then I am happy.
So take time in your life to look at beautiful paintings, listen to uplifting music and sit back and enjoy the stillness.